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Water Sport Shoes For Men

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Experience the epitome of performance and style with our Water Sport Shoes For Men.

These shoes are designed to offer unbeatable practicality and a touch of fashion for your water-based activities.

The seven holes on each sole promote optimal water flow, creating a cooler and healthier shoe environment. 


  • Durable and Unique Sole: Our professional anti-slip rubber outsole boasts a distinctive pattern that maximizes friction and track adhesion, ensuring slip resistance in various terrains. The unique sole design includes seven holes on each bottom, facilitating proper water flow for a quick-drying and comfortable experience during water sports.

  • Foot Safety and Comfort: The rubber soles feature a thick foam arch-support insert, offering exceptional flexibility while effectively protecting your feet from rocks and stones. The precisely-matched insole prevents detachment during hiking or water sports, providing reliable foot support.

  • Fashion and Practical Toe Look: Embrace a fashionable and unique wearing experience with our shoe tips designed in a toe-like fashion. The thicker toe caps provide cushioning and support for hiking and climbing without causing discomfort or rubbing against your big toe.

  • Good Elasticity and Convenience: Crafted from breathable and smooth fabrics with excellent stretch, our water sport shoes offer optimal comfort and flexibility. The non-mesh design prevents sand from entering, while the ultra-thin and flexible construction ensures a lightweight and comfortable fit. Perfect for rowers, surfers, kayakers, and SUP fanatics, these shoes offer exceptional grip and pack easily into a dry bag at the end of the day.

  • Multifunctional Shoes for Various Conditions: Our amphibious shoes allow you to enjoy life both on land and in water. Whether you're surfing, canyoning, kayaking, camping, zip-lining, swimming, jumping, river trekking, paddle rafting, snorkeling, or simply exploring the beach, these shoes are designed to meet your versatile needs. Additionally, they are suitable for everyday activities such as shopping, traveling, water aerobics, jogging, and walking, offering unmatched functionality.

    Size Chart:

    Brand Size Europe Heel to toe
    3.5 - 4 W 34 - 35 8
    5.5 - 6.5 W, 4.5 - 5.5 M 36 - 37 8.5
    7.5 - 8.5 W, 6 - 7 M 38 - 39 9.2
    9 - 10 W, 7.5 - 8.5 M 40 - 41 9.7
    11 - 12 W, 9.5 - 10 M 42 - 43 10.2
    12.5 - 13 W, 10.5 - 11 M 44 - 45 10.7
    13.5 W, 12 - 13 M 46 - 47 11.2
    13 - 13.5 M 48 - 49 11.5